What are cashews?

Cashews are known for its taste and amazing health benefitsso that is why they are always in demand. cashews are one of the foods which is   liked by everyone. The cashew tree is a tropical evergreen tree which produces cashew apples and cashew seeds.

Why Cashews are cost effective?

Everyone loves to eat cashews but the only sad part is it is not pocket friendly. There are some reasons why they are so costly

Production cost

The cashew nut production needs lot of money because half of the money is spent on manual labour. Extraction process of nuts from the apple requires lot of manual labour. so 70% of money goes to labour works.

Cannot be grown everywhere

Cashews are grown only in a particular soil and cannot be grown everywhere. India is one of biggest producers of cashews In the world.

As the cashews are grown only in limited places, so to meet the demands of people they get transported to far distances. This is transportation increase the cost of cashews than the original price.

Health benefits of cashews

Cashew nut Is one of the natures given health foods in world. They have lot health benefits like

1.Heart health

The research shows that eating nuts can help in lowering the cardiovascular diseases. The vitamins and minerals such potassium, vitamin E and B-6 helps to reduce heart diseases.

2.Good for the skin

Cashew nut oil derived from cashew seeds is rich in potassium, selenium zinc, magnesium and iron. Due to the high percentage of selenium in cashew nut oil it not good for the hair but is protects from cancer

3.  Good for hair

The research shows that the copper present in cashew nut oil is good for hair health when it is applied on the scalp.

4.   Protection for eye health

Cashews contain antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin when consumed daily can protect the eyes

5.   Helps in weight loss

You may think cashew contain lots of fat and how it may help in weight loss, even though cashew nuts are considered as fats they contain good cholesterol.

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