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Buy Masala & Roasted Cashews Online in Bangalore

Order the best cashew nuts online from the comfort of your home. We are cashew nut retailers in Bangalore offering quality cashew nuts through our online shop in Bangalore. Cashew nuts otherwise known as kajus have many health benefits vitamins E, K and B6, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium that are beneficial for your health.

Panruti Cashews provide W180, W210, W240, W320, W450, Splits, 4 Pieces, 8 Pieces, SP Cashews. Whether you need plain, roasted, or masala cashews, we source and deliver high-quality cashew nuts to all areas of Bangalore. Panruti Cashews, the home-growers of cashew nuts in Tamil Nadu has the largest cultivation in India spread across 26000 hectares. They procure raw cashew nuts and turn them into edible nuts that can be consumed on daily basis. So, we pick up kajus from the most trusted Panruti Cashews and deliver it to our customers in Bangalore.

Buy Best Quality Cashews or Kajus Online

For our online Panruti Cashews shop, we procure cashew nuts from home-growers of India. Whether you need split or complete cashew kernels, contact us, we help you choose the best grade cashews to keep you healthy. If you are looking to surprise your loved ones by sending cashew nuts as a gift, we provide the best rate. We make sure to pack them in an air tight container and deliver them to the doorstep.
Do you want to know the cashew price per kg? Contact us now. We are cashew nuts wholesale detailers as well as cashew nuts retailers. You can buy in bulk or at 1kg price as per your need.

Great Source of Energy and Taste

Cashew nuts have good fats and is a great storehouse of energy, and when added to dishes enriches the taste. Some of whole cashew nut varieties include wholes, splits, broken, butts, scorched buts, and so on, which can be consumed after thorough cleaning either directly or added to sweets or to prepare spicy food. Nutritionists across the world recommend consuming nuts daily to help you have a healthy lifestyle.
Let us know if you need cashew nuts to be delivered to your loved ones. We diligently choose the cashews, pack and ship to your loved ones in Bangalore. Masala and roasted cashews can make a great and rich snack for guests visiting your homes. Be it a get-together party in offices or homes, we make sure to select premium quality cashews that meet the demands of valuable customers. Get free shipping to all areas of Bangalore.

Shop Best Cashew nuts

Cashews are best for any occasion. Turn your dishes into enriched flavor by adding cashews, be it sweets or spicy food. Along with other nuts, cashews can be consumed regularly as a healthy diet. If you wish to gift the cashew nuts to your friends, we will pack them safely in an air tight container and deliver cashews to their place. Each cashew that we source is carefully inspected to make sure it meets our quality standards and the needs of customers.

Buy cashew nuts from our online retail shop in bulk or small amounts. We bring you the best quality kajus in Bangalore.

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Join many other businesses who shop bulk online with us and enjoy our wholesale prices. We supply wholesale nuts, dried fruit, wine and food ingredients to cafes, restaurants, bakeries, health food stores and specialty retailers around India.


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