Cashew Nut Grades

We grade the cashews to over 10 varieties based on size,texture and color.There are over 15-20 varieties in whole cashews and over 15 varieties in broken grades. All grades are packed after passing them through pneumatic dust removers and metal detectors to ensure product safety.

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To be one of the leading brand in cashew & cashew product industry in India and International Market.

W180-White Wholes 180 (Jumbo),
W210-White Wholes 210 (Premium Large),
W240-White Wholes 240 (Large),
W320-White Wholes 320 (Standard),
W450, are the smallest and cheapest white whole kernels and hence the favorite among low priced whole grades.
WS-White Splits,
LWP-Large White Pieces,
SWP-Small White Pieces,
BB-Baby Bit
B – Butts

W320 Cashew Online

Plain Natural Wholes – Cashew is graded in three categories based on colour. White Wholes (“W” appearance – white, pale ivory), Scorched Wholes (“SW” – slightly reddish) and Scorched Wholes Seconds (“SSW” – discolored); W and SW Wholes are graded according to size, i.e. number of nuts per Pound; Super Premium – W 150; Premium – W 210; Regular – W 450; Economy – SW 450

Natural Halves – Cashew Kernels broken evenly into 2 parts are less expensive than wholes. They are used in economy packs and also for candy bars, sweets and pastry. Splits are crisper than wholes and sometimes preferred for that reason. The different varieties are: Fancy Splits (FS): White halves split lengthwise; Fancy Bults (FB): White halves broken crosswise; Scorched Splits; Scorched Bults

Natural Broken’s – Natural Cashew pieces are used in economy packs and also in confectionery, pastry, ice creams & cooking; Large White Pieces (LWP); Scorched Pieces (SP); Scorched Pieces Seconds (SPS)