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Cashew Nuts 100gms Pack – W180, W240, W320, W450 & JH


  • W180 Jumbo Cashews or Kaju – 100gms
  • W240 Plain Organic Cashews or Kaju – 100gms
  • W320 Standard Cashews or Kaju – 100gms
  • W450 Small Size Cashews or Kaju – 100gms
  • JH – Jumbo Half Cashews or Kaju – 100gms

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Buy Cashew Nuts or Kaju: W240 Cashews, W210 Cashews, W180 Cashews, W320 Cashews, W450 Cashews, Whole Cashews, Split Cashews, Roasted Cashews, Salted Cashews Online at Best Price.

Available Nuts and Dry fruits:

  • Dried Black Raisins
  • Dried Golden Raisins
  • Cashew Nuts
  • Pista
  • Walnut
  • Pure Natural Honey

Health Benefits of the Cashew Nuts

How is Cashew Apple fruit good for health?

  • It contains high Ascorbic Acid which is 5 times higher than that of orange and 7 times more than pineapple.
  • Besides vitamin C, it has several other compounds with high antioxidant potential such as Carotenoids, Flavanoids, Polyphenol, Phenolic Acids, Tannin etc.
  • Antioxidants are said to be associated with lots of health benefits. As it helps neutralize free radicals in our bodies.
  • Free radicals are unstable atoms which makes it highly reactive with other cellular structures thereby causing damage to proteins, DNA, and cell membranes by stealing their electrons. Antioxidants are able to give electrons to a free radical without becoming destabilized themselves.
  • Cashew apple being rich in phenols, tannins and vitamins they may be considered relevant sources of antioxidant compounds, which are necessary for good health.

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