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Buy Bulk Cashew Nuts, Dry Fruits and Honey Online in India

Buy Bulk Cashew Nuts, Dry Fruits and Honey Online in India: If you’re looking for the best place to buy healthy cashew nuts & dry fruits online, look no further than Cashewdeal. As one of the leading wholesale cashew nuts & dry fruits suppliers in India, we’ve got a reputation for providing a great range of well-priced healthy cashew nuts & dry fruits, including honey and a whole variety of cashew nuts, that can be delivered direct to your doorstep.

As an Indian, family-owned business we’ve made it our aim to supply bulk cashew nuts & dry fruits online, and we offer a cashew nuts & dry fruits collection that has something for everyone.Not only will you find the usual favourites such as salted cashew nuts, almonds, brazils and pistachios, but you’ll also see that we offer some of the more exotic mixes, including cashew nuts & dry fruits covered with honey and sugar and a range of cashew nuts.

Cashewdeal is a Cashew Nuts, Dry Fruits & Honey online supplier

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Buy The Best Cashew Nuts Online

Macadamia Nuts
Pine Nuts
Brazil Nuts
Mixed Nuts

Cashew oil

Cashews can be cold-pressed to extract oil. This aromatic and flavoursome oil is ideal for using as a salad dressing, and it can also be used for frying. The rich taste of cashew oil makes it a good choice for frying foods which are naturally bland, such as egg plant and zucchini.

What to know when buying cashews

The shelf life of whole cashews is likely to be the best, with natural cashews just behind. Any process which damages the skin, including blanching, slivering, crushing, etc, will allow oxygen to penetrate the kernel and oxidation will occur.

For snacking most people choose natural cashews, which still have the skin but no shell. While raw cashews are still available in India, it’s probably best to try and get pasteurised cashews.

Buy Mixed Cashew Nuts Online India

So if you want to buy your mixed cashew nuts online from a store that really values your custom, isn’t it time you placed an order with Cashewdeal? We’ve done our very best to provide the kind of cashew nuts you want at prices you can afford, together with lightning fast delivery.

The health benefits of walnuts are simply amazing:

Helps fight cancer – research studies have shown that walnuts may have the ability to reduce the size of tumours in prostate cancer, breast cancer, and possibly some other cancers.
Keeps your heart healthy – walnuts contain L-Arginine, an amino acid used in the formation of nitric oxide, which helps relieve high blood pressure and reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease.
May help reverse erectile dysfunction – that same amino acid, L-Arginine, and the nitric oxide that results from it, helps to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Studies also indicate walnuts can help improve male fertility.
Attacks free radicals – walnuts contain high levels of anti-oxidants, so they’ll bind to free radicals and neutralize them. Free radicals can cause a lot of harm, including increasing the risk of cancer, damaging DNA, and harming the liver.
Keeps your brain healthy – walnuts have the right combination of vitamins and minerals to support brain health, and some evidence suggests they may help reduce oxidative stress and delay or reverse memory loss.
Helps regulate metabolism – good news for dieters and diabetics, because eating a serve of about 75g of walnuts per day helps regulate insulin levels, control hunger pangs, and improve metabolic health.

Get your walnuts now

Cashewdeal is the best place to buy walnuts online. You’ll get the best value, which means great quality nuts at a fantastic price.

Wholesale Pistachios Online India

We’re one of the leading suppliers of wholesale pistachios in India, so why not join our growing list of happy and satisfied customers today?

How pistachios are used

The main uses for pistachios are confectionery making, ice cream making, and cake baking. They are also a great addition to any nut mix or trail mix, and make a great snack on their own, whether as salted pistachios or just plain roasted pistachios, they are delicious.

All Kinds of Cashew Nuts for Sale

So if you’re looking to buy cashew nuts online, why not try out the superior service from Cashewdeal? We always aim to go that extra mile in terms of both our products and our service. We’ve done our utmost to provide the kind of cashew nuts wholesale customers need, and we keep our prices as low as we possibly can to ensure that you can always buy cashew nuts online cheap.

However, while our prices might be cheap, you can rest assured that when you buy cheap cashew nuts from Cashewdeal, the cashew nuts themselves will be of the highest quality possible. After all, we’ve got a growing reputation to keep and our ultimate aim is to keep you as one of our valued customers.

If you’d like to ask any questions about our wholesale cashew nuts, our mixed cashew nuts or any of our cashew nuts products, you can send us an email and let our customer service advisors give you the benefit of their advice.

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