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Buy cashew nuts at wholesale price in Kolkata

Cashew nuts also famously called as Kaju in north India is almost a staple grocery item in most north Indian families. Most families order to buy cashews online in Kolkata so that they can save time as well as money while shopping for their favourite dry fruit. There are multiple uses for cashews in our household. When we call guests over for Chai, we spread out roasted and salted cashews for them to snack up on along with chai. We add cashews to our gravys to make them all the more creamy and tasty. There is no festival that is complete without sweets made of cashews and other dry fruits. Considering that we consume this elite food item by kilos, Nilavan cashews offer best prices when you buy kaju online.

1kg cashew nuts price in Kolkata

Cashew nuts in general are pretty much a costly affair and we at Nilavan do not deny that fact. Best of cashews are the ones that have been cleaned, de-skinned and processed in the right manner. This ensures that the cashews are sweet, crispy and tasty. This is not an easy process; there is lot of costs involved in it, which is what makes the cashews costly! However when you buy cashew online, we can reduce a lot of other charges so that we can provide best and competitive pricing. Especially when you buy in bulk, the cashew price per kg is reduced further more.

Buy cashew nuts at wholesale price in Kolkata

Best of cashew nuts are usually sourced out from south India where the soil is rich in nutrients and there is enough water. After they are harvested from the cashew apples, they are dried and deskinned as the skin is bitter and contains toxins. They are then processed and packed to be sold in stores as well as online. For better prices for whole cashew nuts, it is better to buy cashew nuts wholesale online. Nilavan provides best quality whole cashew nuts for a very competitive price on our website.

The variety of cashews that we offer on our website are as follows-

W180 cashew nut, w210 cashew nut, w240 cashew nut, w320 cashew nut, w450 cashew nut, split cashew nut, broken cashew nut. These variants of cashews can be bought by weight or on wholesale depending on the necessity of the customer. If you are planning to buy cashews in bulk for marriages or for restaurants, choose to buy cashews in wholesale.

Health benefits of raw cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are said to been loaded with a lot of health benefits, especially when eaten raw. These health benefits include-

  1. vitamins like Vit A, C, and D
  2. Nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and potassium
  3. Proteins that help with cell regeneration.
  4. Healthy fats like Omega 3 ad cholesterols
  5. Cashews are also packed with a lot of calories that give immense energy.

For further more information, feel free to contact us through the phone number or mail, both of which is mentioned on our website.

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