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Buy Pistachios Online in India

Who can resist those little green nuts nestling in a half open shell? Well it seems that not many of us can, as pistachios are one of the best sellers here at Cashewdeal. One of the most popular ingredients in Middle Eastern cooking they’re extremely nutritious and versatile being used in everything from snacks and salad toppings through to sweet treats such as ice cream, baklava, Turkish delight and nougat.

In fact, the pistachio’s sweet flavour and creamy texture lends itself perfectly to making ice cream and gelato and yet it can equally be just as easily paired with both spicy and sour foods, and to add a crunchiness to all kinds of savoury dishes.

If you’re looking to buy pistachios online, you’ll find that we have a great selection of top quality but cheap pistachios for sale at Cashewdeal.

Slivered Pistachios Online

From pistachios kernels that are ideal for cooking and baking through to roasted pistachios, we’ve got all the varieties you could ever need to create all kinds of dishes and snacks.

Our pistachio kernels and unshelled pistachios are excellent quality and available at excellent prices to match, while our salted and roasted pistachios are also well priced, especially when you buy in bulk. We also offer shelled pistachios and unsalted pistachios too. So, as you can see, we really have it covered when it comes to supplying good quality pistachios online at great prices.

Salted Pistachios Online

While we’re sure that you’re no longer in any doubt about where to buy pistachios online, just in case you needed another reason to buy your pistachios from Cashewdeal, let us tell you that we offer fast and free delivery for qualifying orders.

Our wholesale nut company is Indian and family-owned, and we always make it our aim to provide good quality products at a great price. All our packs of pistachios for sale, including salted pistachios and roasting pistachios come in a variety of different sized packs, so that you can choose the ones that you prefer in the quantity you need.

Roasted Pistachios Online

However, don’t just simply take our word for it. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so why not order some of our pistachios online today and try both the quality of our nuts and our service at the same time?

As we said, you’ll get top quality nuts that are value for money, together with fast delivery and customer service that’s second to none. Our aim is to ensure that each and every one of our clients is 100% satisfied with our products and service, and that’s why we’ll always take every opportunity to make your experience of doing business with Cashewdeal a positive one.

Buy slivered, salted & roasted pistachios online

Pistachios have a very distinctive, almost spicy flavour, and they’re one of the few species of nuts that are native to Asia.

Everybody loves pistachios, and they’re almost impossible to resist. They are best grown in desert conditions (cold deserts, like the ones you find in Mongolia and China), and it could be the dry conditions that they grow in which gives them their slightly peppery zing.

Many commercially grown pistachios were traditionally dyed green when harvested, which is why pistachio ice cream is usually green as well, though it’s quite common nowadays to find both dyed and undyed pistachio nuts for sale.

Pistachio nuts are good for you in so many ways

Raw pistachios are dense with nutrients, even containing the somewhat rare vitamin K in quantity. Research projects have found evidence to suggest that consumption of pistachio nuts may have positive benefits in lowering the risk of heart disease and lowering systolic blood pressure.

Something that may be of interest to men is that pistachios contain relatively high levels of the amino acid L-Arginine, which is a precursor to nitric oxide production.

Nitric oxide has a number of beneficial effects in the body, but chief among them is helping to give muscles a more pumped up appearance and making erections firmer and stronger.

Pistachio nuts are a very good source for vitamin B6 and vitamin B1. They are also a nut that contains higher than average levels of protein, and lower than average levels of fat.

Compared to other nuts, pistachios also have more vitamin E, more potassium, and more carotenoids (which can be synthesized into vitamin A when digested).

How pistachios are used

The main uses for pistachios are confectionery making, ice cream making, and cake baking. They are also a great addition to any nut mix or trail mix, and make a great snack on their own, whether as salted pistachios or just plain roasted pistachios, they are delicious.

They don’t have a lot of fat

Because of their comparatively low fat content, pistachios are not an ideal choice for oil pressing, and it would be better to choose nuts with a higher fat content for this purpose.

The best thing about pistachios: ice cream

Most people buying pistachios, unless they’re buying them for a snack, will want to make pistachio nut ice cream. For this purpose, it is best to buy slivered pistachios, as these will blend in more smoothly to home made ice creams, which have less air content than commercial ice creams.

Get your pistachios from Cashewdeal now

For the best pistachios you will find anywhere in India, you don’t need to look past Cashewdeal. We’re just nuts about nuts, and pistachios really put us into overdrive.

We could go on and on for days about all the things that make pistachios so wonderful, but we won’t because right now you need to buy pistachios online, and the more you keep reading the longer it will take before your delicious pistachios arrive. So go buy them now!

Wholesale Pistachios Online India

We’re one of the leading suppliers of wholesale nuts in India, so why not join our growing list of happy and satisfied customers today?

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