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FRESH PANRUTI CASHEW – RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR STEP: Cashewdeal has kept its best foot forward to select the best quality and premium Cashew Nuts which requires harvesting at the right time to ensure the quality of the Cashew Nuts, whilst at the same time, maintaining all of its natural properties. Cashewdeal gives its delivery to all locations across India, in conditioned transport vehicles to make sure that the quality of the cashew nutss is maintained, until they reach your home or location.


We are one of the leading cashew nuts exporters across India. We have function as both wholesale as well as retail supplies. We are in service for the past 5 years and are also handling customers from across the world.

We also take utmost pride in showcasing our services owing to the excellence and the quality of our products. The cashew nuts supplied to you are selectively hand picked and they are packed from farms directly.

All the types of cashew nuts reaped are from naturally grown trees and most importantly, they are organically grown. While packing the cashew nuts, we ensure that the organic and fresh cashew nuts remain afresh.

We also handle international customers and make sure that they get the high quality products without much delay and compromise on quality. We strictly follow the protocols thus ensuring high safety and hygiene. These are packed with all the necessities, ultimately making sure that they have a long shelf-life.


Cashewdeal is one of the wholesalers of fresh husked cashew nutss and in on the continuous process on expanding our relationships with all customers across the globe.


Cooking requires always the fresh cashew nuts for imparting the taste in foods. At Cashewdeal, all the procured cashew nuts are stored in well lit and ventilated rooms, with the proper temperature as well, to ensure the healthiness of the cashew nuts.

The cost of transportation, storage, safety measures, hygiene, and the temperature of the employees handling these storage units are checked on a timely basis and they are also recorded for safety point of view.

At Cashewdeal, modern as well as traditional knowledge are put to use to make the standards at par with professionalism. Cashewdeal repeatedly checks for the cashew nuts’ quality at every stage of processing. There is a separate vigilant quality control team where production starts off with the selection of the most fresh raw materials, maintaining high processing standard in terms of hygiene to ensure zero contamination.

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Buy Cashew Nuts online in India from Cashewdeal. Order premium quality cashews like W180, W240, W320, W450, Broken Cashew Kernels JK, JH Broken Cashew Nuts & Whole Organic Cashew Nuts etc at lowest price in Chennai, Bangalore & all over India.

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