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Buy Salted Cashew Nuts Online: Are you looking to buy cashew nuts online but you’re concerned that you may not get the quality you desire? If so, put your trust in Cashewdeal. We’re an online nut wholesaler and an Indian family-run business who really care about providing quality, value and customer service.

For this reason, you’ll find that we offer a great selection of cashew nuts for sale, from Raw cashew nuts that are suitable for cooking and baking through to tasty cashew nuts.

Cashew Nuts have rapidly become one of the nation’s most popular nuts. They’re a relatively large nut with a crispy buttery texture and a totally delicious taste. Like most nuts, they’re rich in protein, fibre and nutrients that are known to keep our hearts healthy.
Probably most famous for being the main ingredient of cashew pie, they’re often used in baking, for making ice cream and for glazing with sugar to make candied cashew nuts. These enjoyable glazed cashew nuts are an especially popular treat, and while sugared cashew nuts may be an indulgent snack, they’re also very good when sprinkled onto salads, cakes and desserts.

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Slivered Cashew Nuts Online
However, despite the fact that the sweet taste of cashew nuts lends itself naturally to being coated in even more sugar to make such delicacies as honey roasted cashew nuts and other sugared varieties, salted cashew nuts are equally as popular.

Our fresh cashew nuts come in a variety of different sized packs so that you can choose the quantities you need, and are packaged in different pack sizes.

Roasted Cashew Nuts Online
So if you’re looking to buy cashew nuts online and need fresh cashew nuts you should make Cashewdeal your first port of call.

Not only are we a family-owned and run business but we always go the extra mile when it comes to providing top quality customer service. We’re fully committed to bringing you some of the best quality wholesale nuts at extremely affordable prices, and we always aim to give you complete value for money.

Our online wholesale nut store is available 24 hours a day, so you can shop till you drop for cashew nuts at any time you like, plus we guarantee fast dispatch and fast deliveries throughout in India. What’s more, if you order your nuts in bulk and spend over Rs.5000, you won’t pay any postage or packaging charges.

Buy slivered, salted & roasted cashew nuts online
Cashew Nuts are one of the few nut species that don’t have the word “nut” in their name. You will be unlikely to hear anybody talking about “cashew nuts”.

For snacking you can choose salted cashew nuts, roasted cashew nuts and slivered cashew nuts. All are wonderful choices.

The more traditional uses for cashew nuts, however, are in making cashew pie, and either as an ingredient in ice cream or as a topping option for ice cream. They’re also used as decoration in various baked goods such as cookies and cakes.

How cashew nuts are used
Cashew Nuts match very well with sweet foods, so they’re loved by confectioners and bakers. It’s more rare to see cashew nuts used in other forms of cooking.

Another very common use of cashew nuts is as a substitute for walnuts in ice cream recipes that traditionally use walnuts (for example, maple walnut). Using cashew nuts instead allows manufacturers to keep production cost down and also allows them to set more competitive prices for their products.

This doesn’t imply that cashew nuts are of less quality than walnuts, it is simply a matter of economy. A quantity of walnuts always costs more than the same quantity of cashew nuts, mostly due to the supply situation.

Otherwise cashew nuts have an ideal texture, taste, and appearance, which is why they are so well loved.

Get your cashew nuts now from Cashewdeal.
You can buy cashew nuts online from Cashewdeal and get the best value going. We stock only fine quality cashew nuts sourced from the world’s leading growers. By selling online, we can achieve significant cost savings, so you get better nuts at cheaper prices.

Salted Cashew Nuts Online
If you’d like to know more about buying cashew nuts online through Cashewdeal, simply get in touch with us by sending us an email?

We’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have about our nuts, our delivery policy or about any aspect of our company.

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